This teacher’s prayer

I pray that I am present with my students. That I listen attentively, and they see how much I care.

I pray I give my students’ parents reasons to trust me, and in turn they do.

I pray that each student shares their goals, fears, and wisdom with me and others.

I pray each student feels community and care when they enter my classroom, and better yet, the school.

I pray my students take risks, learn to celebrate mistakes, and take pride in their work. 

I pray that I notice the small things. The silent tear, the fearful glance, the bruise, the taunting whisper, the sheepish smile, the rumble of a hungry tummy, a helping hand, the shy child hoping to be picked. 

I pray that every child leaves my class having learned to be a better human. 

I pray to be humble enough, patient enough, confident enough, grace-filled enough, and loving enough to meet each student’s needs, no matter how it is presented. 

I pray I say what a student needs to hear at the right time. 

Dear God, 

Please be my teacher and guide this year, that the year may be a success in ways that matter for each child! 




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