My Writer’s Notebook

The first time I had a Writer’s Notebook, I was in my college course on writing methods. On the book list for the class was a Writer’s Notebook. What is that? The professor briefly explained it would be for us, not her. A place to collect thoughts and ideas, drawings, pictures and comics we drew inspiration from, and more. It would be our writing idea vessel; the unfiltered audience of our souls. I have always written words, collected quotes, and have a collection of half filled journals, but nothing I identified as a Writer’s Notebook. Was I a writer? This time I went to the campus book store and grabbed a sketch book, flipped it upside down and backwards so that the hard cover would be on front. I then super glued half an old jean pocket to the front to hold my writing utensils. I had my first official Writer’s Notebook.

To this day, I keep it on my desk at work, and it reminds me what happens when you are in an atmosphere that charges the air with inspiration and encouragement to write. I will be forever grateful to this writing mentor. The seed she planted over 10 years ago is now the seedling this blog  contains of my personal writings. I have had writer’s notebooks and will continue to have them, but this is where I will share the moments, these life stories of mine and others, that I collect and treasure.

Writer's Notebook
Writer’s Notebook

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